Biosmoz 100gr


BiosmoZ 100 g

Biological water retention agent

The world’s only natural water retention amendment and electrical conductor.

BiosmoZ has exceptional properties that result in a significant capacity to absorb aqueous solutions (fertilizer). It enhances root production, growth and flowering.

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Biological water retention amendment 100 g


BiosmoZ is a set of pellets boasting exceptional properties!
These properties result in a significant capacity to absorb aqueous solutions (fertilizer).
BiosmoZ does not swell, it absorbs, which prevents rootlets being crushed.
BiosmoZ is calibrated and totally natural.

BIOSMOZ has no adverse effects on man, the environment or the health of plants or animals.

Quantity 100 g

This product contains trace elements in its structure.

- Growth enhancer

- Bloom booster

- Rooting stimulator

- Biological activator

- Electrically charged (Ec+)

How does it work?

BiosmoZ improves the action of fertilizers and helps reduce water consumption by 20 to 30%.

When the plant requires an input of food or water, its roots (- charged) send out negative ions.

BiosmoZ, which is positively charged, quite simply releases the required dose, no more, no less.

This type of passive irrigation produces spectacular effects on the development of the plant and its yield.

This significant absorption capacity also allows it to trap pollutants and heavy metals in the water and soil, and not to make the plants.


Carefully mix 5 to 10 g of BiosmoZ* in 1 litre of dry substratum.


*BiosmoZ is compatible with all other fertilizer brands.


Growing diagram with BiosmoZ


Practical use:

Phase 1: Preparing the substratum + repotting:

Carefully mix the BiosmoZ with the growing substratum of your choice (e.g.: light mix, grow mix, all mix or other).    

Spread BiosmoZ evenly to ensure fast root colonisation.

When repotting, be sure to puddle (soak) your cuttings in a rooting solution (bacteria).

Then water with a half-dosed growth solution for the first week.

Phase 2: Growth phase

Mix in a growth fertilizer once a week during your growth cycle.

Phase 3: Flowering

Mix in a flowering fertilizer once a week for the first two weeks, then twice a week for the next two weeks.

Phase 4: As of the 4th flowering week

Mix in a bloom booster as well as your flowering fertilizer twice a week.

Phase 5: Rinse with water three weeks before the end of your flowering cycle (harvest).



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