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BiosmoZ 100gr , BactosmoZ 15gr & MycosmoZ 15 gr



Pack: BiosmoZ 100gr, BactosmoZ 15gr & MycosmoZ 15gr

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By combining the action of BiosmoZ (bacterial niche) with that of BactosmoZ (bacteria) and MicosmoZ (Mycorrhizae), millions of bioreactors are created at the heart of the substrate. The production of secondary rootlets explodes, to which it is grafted the MycosmoZ which will colonize them and create a symbiosis between the roots and their environment. This results in mineralization of organic matter, greater assimilation of phosphorus in soils, and instantaneous absorption capacity for minerals.
MycosmoZ accentuates the production of growth hormones, it is a 100% natural product enriched with selected microorganisms to improve the biological balance of the soil and the mineral nutrition of the plants. BiosmoZ works in synergy with BactosmoZ and MycosmoZ, they are used in organic farming.
To be used for Germination, growth and flowering.
What life redenner your soil and boost your crops in a natural way!ère naturelle!



Mix carefully 5 to 10 gr of BiosmoZ * in 1 liter of dry substrate.

* BiosmoZ is compatible with all other fertilizer brands,
both mineral and organic.

BactosmoZ CONTAINS: Bacterial preparation (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens M4)


a) Mix 2gr of BactosmoZ in 10l of substrate
b) Irrigation: 2gr / 10l (every 4 weeks)
c) Spray: 1gr / 10L



Mixture Mycorrhizae & bacteria


1. Mixed substrate 10L: 2-4gr during planting

2. By watering: every 4 weeks 2-4gr / 10L ( shake with lukewarm water)

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    BiosmoZ 100 g Biological water retention agent The world’s only natural water retention amendment and electrical conductor. BiosmoZ has exceptional properties that result in a significant capacity to absorb aqueous solutions (fertilizer). It enhances root production, growth and flowering.

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    BactosmoZ is a bacterial preparation specially formulated to be used in synergy with BiosmoZ. Thanks to its action of mineralization, BactosmoZ stimulates the growth, increases the fertility and increases the resistance of the plants.Suitable for organic farming.100% soluble.CONTAINS: Bacterial preparation - 15gr

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    MycosmoZ is a mixture of Mycorrhizae and bacteria. It is a 100% natural product enriched with microorganisms selected to improve the biological balance of the soil and the mineral nutrition of the plants. EM735B approval number. CONTAINS: Mix Mycorrhizae & bacteria - 15gr

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