Who are we?

BiosmoZ® is a company that specialises in the development and improvement of various crops.
Whether you are growing plants indoors or outdoors, using a forced method or simply for pleasure, BiosmoZ® guarantees a success crop. It is in your interest to be well supported throughout your growing cycle, which is why we are currently developing a professional product that is unique in the world - ‘BiosmoZ’. Once mixed with your substratum, the BiosmoZ amendment will bring you a host of advantages:  a growth enhancer, bloom booster and rooting activator, it increases the retention and the electrical conductivity of the substratum.

Your plants will love it! It all revolves around BiosmoZ!

Thanks to our direct collaboration with a company that has over 60 years’ experience in the field of soil amendments, we can supply an essential, high-quality product, intended specifically for professionals. The BiosmoZ range is the result of many years of research and experimentation. You’re sure to want to grow with our product!

BiosmoZ is intended as part of an advanced scientific process designed to contribute towards sustainable development by reinventing the use made of your fertilizers. We examine each case in different laboratories or glasshouses. Our aim is to guarantee you a maximum yield while respecting the natural balance of the plant.

BiosmoZ creators’ train of thought

Passionate about the earth, plants, evolution...

Horticulturist, arboriculturist, bio-tech agricultural engineer, agronomist, agricultural engineer, glasshouse manager, ULB, various companies passionate about sustainable development – all these guarantee our success.

Doing their utmost to promote our experience at your service.





To meet your needs, BiosmoZ is available in various formats:



biosmoz 100 gr

Biosmoz 500grBiosmoZ 1kgBiosmoZ 5kgBiosmoZ 10kg


Composition of BiosmoZ

BIOSMOZ is a physical soil amendment made set of pellets made of fine, dark chips with extraordinary physical and chemical properties thanks to open alveolar microstructures.

BiosmoZ is a biological activator that increases development at each stage in the growth of the plant. It is an ionic+ water retention agent. It absorbs water and fertilizers without swelling and releases them when needed by the plant. This passive irrigation produces spectacular effects as regards rooting production, growth and flowering, while reducing the consumption of water and fertilizer.

The main constituents of BIOSMOZ are:

  • silica, Si02 (approximately 56%)
  • alumina, Al203 (approximately 26%)
  • organic elements (approximately 16%)
  • residus (Clays) (approximately 2%)

( These components are not under solluble but in the structure of BiosmoZ and are no way in to the plants !)

Its physical structure contains important nutritious trace elements which greatly enhance the gas and water exchanges.

It is a totally natural calibrated product.

Constitution and structure of BIOSMOZ particles.

When examined under a microscope, BIOSMOZ particles are seen to be organised in a repetitive pattern, most commonly in piles of chips slightly out of line with one another, like a fanned out pack of cards.

This pile forms receptacles that look like drawers. The molecules of water or other solutions become lodged between the parallel levels and in the cavities formed by several chips. This structure gives BIOSMOZ a tremendous water retention capacity.

The organic molecules can accumulate in the pockets (drawers), making reactive collisions between them more probable and therefore more frequent. 

The ions can be fixed or the bacteria become caught in these cavities, which form bioreactors.

The effect of these bacteria is fundamental. In fact, through their metabolism they create carbon dioxide and water right at the heart of the substratum.
water absorption capacity in deionized water : 18 g H2O / 100g MS
Finesse : passage mesh sieve 0.5 mm> 50%

Interaction of BIOSMOZ with gases and ions.

The surface structure captures nutritious cations such as:

  • potassium (K+)
  • ammonium (NH4+)
  • calcium (Ca++)
  • magnesium (Mg++)

as well as anions such as:

nitrates (N03-)-

phosphates (P04--).

BIOSMOZ therefore fulfils several roles: it serves as a reactor, but also as a biological activator by supplying the trace elements needed for the extremely numerous and complex biological reactions that take place in each of the reaction cavities, and as a retention agent for the products of the reactions, such as water and ammonia, for instance. BiosmoZ has a significant absorption capacity , which allows it to trap pollutants and heavy metals in the water and soil, and not to make the plants . 


BIOSMOZ has no adverse effects on man, the environment or the health of plants or animals.

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